Enrichment Activities

We offer a program built on a child’s natural sense of wonder, where your child will discover the joy of learning.

Enrichment Activities


For Ages: 2-1/2 to 5 yrs

Through Playball, the children learn a broad range of skills needed to later master sports such as tennis, hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and baseball.

Playball is result oriented, meaning, as coaches we always come with a lesson plan and each lesson progresses as your child’s skills grow. Our 30 minute session each week consists of a warm up, the actual skill we will be working on for the lesson, and then ends with a game.

The game is to help your child practice the skill he or she has just learned as well as practice sportsmanship and group listening.

4 classes a month (Thursdays , 30 mins per class)

Cost: $65 per month

Gymnastics Express

For Ages: 2-5 yrs

Our unique program is designed to provide young children with the opportunity to develop basic tumbling/gymnastics ability, coordination, balance, strength and above all, to build confidence and a positive self image.

The instructor brings all sizes of mats and climbing equipment to SCS so that children experience a full gymnastic opportunity.

4 classes a month (Fridays, 30 mins per class)

Cost: $65 per month

Creative Movement

For Ages: 3-5 yrs

Creative Movement features dance techniques from multiple styles of dance. The children will learn routines for their Fall and Spring dance recitals while being introduced to the basics of jumps, leaps, turns and technique. The dancers will learn the basics of ballet and jazz with a focus on creative movement and will participate in various activities that make learning fun! Miss Sara has been teaching dance for 15 years and has danced & performed all of her life. After finishing her BA in Performing Arts, she began teaching dance and has the privilege to teach and learn from over 400 students a year!

4 classes a month (Wednesdays, 45 mins each class)

Cost: $65 per month*

*plus an optional recital fee

Yoga Motion

For Ages: 3-5 yrs

Taking the best of both practices, Mama Yoga combines yoga and creative movement in this highly active, yet peace instilling class. We’ll discover a new concept each week and dance with it to become more aware of our bodies in the space we share with others. While doing the Brain Dance we’ll improve our mental highways. We stretch our imaginations with stories that manifest into our yoga poses. Self-expression and confidence is enhanced with play as muscle tone, balance and coordination is improved. We start out with silly songs and moving bodies and end with deep breaths and calm visualizations. Cozy up with your yoga blanket, become a limp noodle. It’s all good fun!

4 classes a month (Mondays)
Cost: $65 per month

  • Opportunities may include Soccer, Music, Dance, Mandarin and Coding
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